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Hello Friends, Family, and Fans!

We have extremely exciting news....We made it onto the ballot for Pittsburgh City Paper's "Best of PGH" for the category of "Best Folk Group!" For clarification purposes, this is different from Pittsburgh Magazine's "Best in the Burgh," where we were nominated for Best Band. Donnie Iris won that one, but it was crazy cool to be on the same ballot as him and The Clarks!!!


Now back to Pittsburgh City Paper's "Best of PGH." 

About Best of PGH:

  • Nomination round was in June, and we were chosen by Pittsburgh City Paper as a featured nomination.

  • We had enough votes to make it into the top 5 for the category of "Best Folk Artist/Group." The top 5 get on the official ballot.

  • The top 5 include: Bealtaine (Traditional Irish Folk), Buffalo Rose (Modern Acoustic Folk Group with national recognition), Frog Legs (Folk Punk), The Tamburitzans (Traditional Eastern-European Folk), and us (Folk Rock/Americana).

  • From July 10-30, people can vote online (instructions are below).

  • The top 3 are invited to attend the "Best of the PGH" party on September 13th at Stage AE where the winners will be announced!

  • On September 20th, the winners will be published in the Pittsburgh City Paper's "Best of PGH" issue.

Voting Rules:
  • You can vote once a day, and you must register with your name and email address. You will receive a link in your email that you can use every time you want to vote.

How to Vote:

  • Click here to link to the "Best of PGH" homepage where you can register your email address.

  • Check your email for your personal link. You can reuse this link anytime you want to vote.

  • We are in the "Music & Nightlife" category under "Best Folk Artist/Group." 

  • And remember: You can vote once a day!

Woodland Creatures has a fantastic shot at getting into the top 3, which would be fab (and free!) publicity for our group! We are so fortunate to have friends and family like you to help support us. We wouldn't be where we are today without people like you!!!

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